Flat Earth Theory & Climate Change Denial



The million-dollar question, “Is the rise of Flat Earth theory consistent with rise of Climate Change Denial”? both of these are the two disciplines, theories, ideologies, ‘religions to some, that have been embodied with a lot of controversies in all levels of our societies. From un-educated commoners to our scientists, whom we depend on to provide educated reproducible insights about the planet we live in and know only little about it, to our dear law-makers, whom their decisions determine our livelihoods.

I see no difference between the climate change denial versus someone who thinks the Earth is flat because all these people deny the overwhelming evidence and substitute their own fevered, crafted, unproven imaginations and biases for science.

Climate change denial involves denial, dismissal, unwarranted doubt or contrarian views contradicting the scientific opinion, including the extent to which it is caused by humans’ I think the pertinent question is not whether the climate change is real, but whether human activity is extremely likely to be the primary driver of the climate change? Climate change is real and natural and if one expects otherwise, they are blindly being driven by ignorance and refusal to apply simple observatory mechanisms to their surroundings. For example, the scientific discovery on sea levels, found out that the rate of rise has been about 7 inches per century. Is this an act of human climate change driven or just a normality in the forces of nature? Think about it for a minute. Would you expect the sea level to remain constant for centuries, or to rise, or to decrease? Which is a good phenomenon or a bad one? I am on the opinion that ‘the extent or the magnitude’ of the evidence supporting climate change is the most critical, since in science, to some degree a normality principle or distribution or change is expected to a certain degree in various fields of study. Human activities of course have significantly contributed to the climate change but only to a certain magnitude or extent, the rest is a normality reaction of the forces of nature – humans are not the only drivers of climate change. Note, climate change is real and the evidence surrounds us from all angles and deniers who believe it is a scam perpetrated by scientists with vested interest. Those who claim otherwise, the so called, ‘Climate Change Deniers’, are choosing to ignore the fact that the existential threat from climate change is all too real, placing the future generations in grave danger, simply because of the political interest. ‘Unfortunately, Climate Science has become Political Science’, Robert H. Austin, (2009).

The climate change deniers are the equivalent of the Flat-Earthers – in their view, the extra water from the rising sea levels is just going to spill out over the sides of a flat Earth, John Kerry, (2015). Science works, because scientific principles are created using acceptable hypothesis, which must be tested and their results reproducible, the assumption that the world is flat didn’t even derive from science, in fact science has challenged the convectional thinking using superior scientific methods. The Flat Earth believers emanates from willful ignorance and a refusal to accept a mountain of scientific indisputable evidence such as the earth revolves around the sun, the presence of gravity. The flat earth conspiracy theory alleges that the Earth is actually a flat disk surrounded by an impenetrable ring of ice – its just that, a conspiracy theory, a theory with no supporting scientific evidence.

Therefore, to answer the question, “Is the rise of Flat Earth theory consistent with rise of Climate Change Denial”? yes, it is, both of them are conspiracies perpetrated by a group of individuals motivated by unscientific principles, mostly political. Science is based on reproducible facts, otherwise it’s just a bunch conspiracies and unproven theories.