My password is NOT working and I didn't change it.

We suggest you First, clean your PC’s ‘cache’ and browsing ‘History’ before doing anything else. Browsers will sometimes auto-populate your old password. You can also test this by trying another browser ie, Firefox or Safari or Google Chrome.

You can easily reset your password anytime you need by going to the “my account” page and selecting the “Lost your password Link”. Enter your username or email address associated with your account and select reset password. This will direct an automatic email to be sent to you providing a link to reset the password for your account.

I can’t remember my username?

If you can’t remember your username, please try using your email address to log in to your account. If that does not instantly work you should again repeat the ‘forgot my password’ process by providing us your email address and info.

I can’t remember my Subscriber Account email address?

If you can’t remember your Email Address do not worry. We are here to help you! Contact us by dropping a line to and our staff will find your information in our system and instantly retrieve and send your email address back to you –  please remember to let us know which name you used when you signed up for initially. Your original ‘Security Question’ will be asked to verify your identity and information for your account safety and protection.

How can I change my email address and/or my Subscriber Account password?

To change your email address and/or your Subscriber Account Password, simply Log into your account and go to the my account page –  then click on the link that says ‘Edit your password and account details’ – now you can change all your account details as you desire..

NOTE: if your subscription is using pay pal as the payment method you do not want to change the email address as PayPal will not be able to complete the auto renew process and will charge your account – However,the Subscriber system will not be allowed  to connect that payment to your subscription- the subscription at that point would  instantly be put in a hold-status.

When I log in to the Programs/Archives I do NOT see any shows - or it says 'No Page Found' - what do I do now?

Go to the my account page after you log in and look at the status of your order if it says “on hold”, “canceled” or “expired” it is time to renew your subscription as it has expired. Click on one of the 3 subscribe button options and once again order a new subscription to get all your favorite programming 24/7 On-Demand. .

Why can't I access the shows when my subscription has not expired! Help!

If after logging-in to and you do not see the Network Show Archives then your account may have simply failed the renewal process and you will need to fix that to return your account to an ‘active’ status. Go to your “my account” page and you will see the status of the original order you placed with us. Once there, simply ‘Cancel’ your ‘old’ subscription and re-subscribe! If a payment went through on the old subscription we suggest you contact us at and we will help you resolve the issue.